Engineering Biomass Solutions


Energy Innovations is one of the leading wood chip, wood pellet and biomass boiler suppliers in the UK. We design, source and install domestic, industrial and district biomass heating systems, specialising in wood chip and pellet boilers and their heating systems. 


We favour a turn-key approach, allowing us to suit each and every stage of the process to the particular requirements of each biomass heating system. Our experience in using wood chip and wood pellet as fuels for heating with biomass boilers enables us to help our clients make their systems as efficient as possible, both financially and environmentally.

Our biomass boilers are sourced from Gilles and Weiss, both leading manufacturers in Europe. We work closely with the suppliers of our boilers and peripheral systems equipment, constantly innovating and improving upon our shared products to deliver the best overall systems for our boilers, whether wood chip or wood pellet.


Wood Chip or Wood Pellet Heating Systems? 

In our capacities as biomass boiler suppliers and installers, we've been involved in the commissioning of over 200 systems across the UK, for numerous different situations. Wood chip boilers and bulkier fuels tend to work best for larger installations while wood pellet boilers are better suited to those where space is at a premium. As your biomass boiler suppliers, we will assess the project's suitability for wood chip, wood pellet or other biomass fuels and advise on the best solution for your heating system.


Biomass Boiler Suppliers with a Difference 

Alongside operating as straightforward biomass boiler suppliers, we offer a complete specialist project management and installation service. We source, provide and work alongside mechanical engineers, installation engineers and experts from a combination of our own team and proven sub-contractors, to ensure every biomass boiler installation is delivered efficiently and effectively. We continue to provide care, servicing and maintenance throughout the life of our biomass heating systems.


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Why Biomass

Why Biomass

Some of the initial major benefits to installing a biomass heating system include significant carbon savings, running cost savings, fuel security and reduced price volatility.


Funding your Installation

District Heating

Find out about financial support for the cost of biomass heating systems, return on investment in your biomass boiler and the options open to both commercial and domestic clients.